Welcome to Ogeeg

“The Ogeeg planar speaker was inspired by the question of how to combine art and music in a single convenient object. The result is a speaker with interchangeable silk screens printed with whatever the user’s heart desires – so the question becomes, what do you consider art? How will Ogeeg reflect you?”


Watch the video and learn how Ogeeg can change your life.


Introducing Ogeeg


Winning-startup-badge2015.png-from-URLVisual Art Speakers, 2015 SF MusicTech Award winner is pleased to introduce the Ogeeg.

The world has two great loves – two things that we celebrate most often, and two things that bind us together across myriad backgrounds and a thousand languages. These are things that speak to us on a powerful level, and by which we herald and immortalize great events and sweeping change.

In Ogeeg, these two things are brought together in a beautiful partnership – music and art, combined into one in a new way that fits effortlessly into human life, like they always have.

Art, Music, & Love

Art becomes music, music becomes art. Two things that fill us with emotion. Combined together, they create an amazing, unique experience. We like to think it has the power to change the world – but either way, it certainly has the power to transform your space and make it even better and more you than it was before. What’s not to love?

Memorialize Your Favorite Moments

While we think Ogeeg is perfect for anyone, it’s especially great for those who want to immortalize their winning moments (or the winning moments of their favorite teams). Plus, imagine how great game day will sound coming through a speaker with a picture from the teams last win on it?

This is true of any moment you want to keep forever, though. There is something beautifully unique about the picture of a wedding couple that can play their song for them a year (or years) later.

Patented Design

Ogeeg is a patented design with unique customization that makes it easy to fit all different needs. It’s truly one of a kind, with an innovative idea as the driving force behind it. We want Ogeeg to change how you consider the relationship between music, art, and life.


On top of everything else we love about Ogeeg, from the customization to the fabulous sound, is the fact that it is simply, easily, elegant. It fits in comfortably with any decor, home or office, like it always belonged there. The ease of changing the silk screen means it can transform with the room as needed.