Ogeeg started when a promising technology found the right engineer. Working on a generator in rural Southern Oregon Geego Fan was introduced to a planar speaker and took a pair with him on his next trip to Taiwan to see the CEO of a manufacturing company who happened to be an audio enthusiast. The CEO was intrigued and agreed to fund improving the technology and refining the manufacturing to bring it to market.

After three years of research and development, we have perfected our technology, creating an innovative, full-range, dynamic planar speaker. This instrument quality speaker is hidden behind an interchangeable, custom-silk printed photo encased in a lacquered wooden frame.

IMG_0988_thbOgeeg is the first product in a line whose mission is to create innovative technology that serves those who enjoy audio and visual art.

Our team consists of seasoned engineers and marketing visionaries that represent a generation of tech-savvy individuals.  From Beethoven to Beyonce, Van Gough to Banksy;  our employees have a strong passion for all types of art. These technical skills combined with our artistic backgrounds will allow us to change the way you see sound.

Gordon Simmons, Sales Consultant

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