Dec. 23, 2016


Gordon Simmons

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 Natalia Karaseva to perform at Consumer Electronics Show

 Las Vegas, Nevada– Visual Art Speakers is pleased to announce that Natalia Karaseva will be performing at the Visual Art Speakers booth 20562 in the Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall.

Natalia Karaseva is a Russian-born American singer-songwriter performing her original inspirational songs and unique soulful arrangements of her own musical influences. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Natalia is based out of San Francisco where she works on her first album while also performing internationally. Natalia is a co-founder of Visual Art Speakers where she brings the eye of the artist and musician to the creation of their products. She will be performing through the newest generation of Ogeeg Model speakers at the show.

Natalia will be performing January 5th through January 8th hourly starting at 1PM.

About VisualArtSpeakers

Founded in 2013, VisualArtSpeakers is pioneering planar driver speakers that bring to the consumer art of their choice with stunningly accurate sound reproduction. The company has developed patent pending carbon fiber planar drivers that allow speakers to be re-imagined as art and decor.

The company was founded in Silicon Valley and has offices in San Jose, California.