Dec. 21, 2016


Gordon Simmons

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Ogeeg Model 3 Art Speakers to be revealed at CES

Las Vegas, Nevada– Visual Art Speakers today announced they will be presenting the next generation Ogeeg Model 3 art speakers at the Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall Booth 20562. Featuring the world’s first all carbon fiber planar drivers, the Ogeeg Model 3 is a paragon of efficiency, great sound and custom art presentation. CES will be open from January 5th through January 8th in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Ogeeg Model 3 is the aerospace materials re-imagination of the loudspeaker that replaces the floor standing speakers of the last century. “Our unique approach to speaker design makes the speaker an art piece, and we are very excited about the stellar performance of the new generation of carbon fiber speakers” said Geego Fan, President and CEO. “Whether for home or commercial spaces, having art of the customer’s choice with a complete sound system revolutionizes how audio is experienced”.


The Ogeeg  Model 3 will feature an integrated hybrid tube power amplifier  from Napa Acoustic. This design won numerous accolades and awards in the audiophile community, including Best Budget System by Enjoy the and Most Significant product by Absolute Sound among others. Built in Wi-Fi wireless streaming capability ensures that the sound quality and detail the Model 3 is capable of will not be lost.

The inherently ultra-low mass of the carbon fiber drivers and unique design result in an amazingly efficient system producing 94dBSPL with 1 Watt input.


And, every Ogeeg Model 3 system is customized with silk printed art of the customer’s choosing for a unique product that fits all lifestyles or commercial spaces. Ogeeg Model 3 will be available in the second half of 2017 to change the way people see and hear their audio system.

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About VisualArtSpeakers


Founded in 2013, VisualArtSpeakers is pioneering planar driver speakers that bring to the consumer art of their choice with stunningly accurate sound reproduction. The company has developed patent pending carbon fiber planar drivers that allow speakers to be re-imagined as art and decor.

The company was founded in Silicon Valley and has offices in San Jose, California.


About Napa Acoustic


Napa Acoustic was formed in 2009 by audiophiles to specialize in simple, elegantly designed and exceptional sounding audio systems that transform your listening experience from ordinary to extraordinary- affordably.  Napa Acoustic has headquarters in Fremont, California.