Dec. 12, 2016



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VisualArtSpeakers partners with Napa Acoustic


San Jose, California 13 December 2016– Visual Art Speakers is pleased to announce a partnership with Napa Acoustic™ to develop their next generation of loudspeakers. Napa Acoustic was selected as the audiophile component partner for the Ogeeg Model 3 loudspeakers. The Ogeeg Model 3 will feature a custom embedded design of the award winning Napa Acoustics hybrid tube amplifiers in the product.


“The sonic excellence and purity of Napa Acoustic amplification is an ideal match for the planar drivers of the Ogeeg Model 3” said Geego Fan, president and CEO of VisualArtSpeakers. Napa Acoustic amplifiers have been featured in audiophile reviews and were awarded Best Budget System by Enjoy the, Voted Most Significant product by Absolute Sound, and 2012 Best of Award by Home Theater


“After listening to the Ogeeg planar loudspeakers speakers reproduce astonishing bass and exquisite full range sound with our amplifiers, “ said Joseph Kwong, owner of Napa Acoustic, “we knew we had to pair our product with this revolutionary transducer design.”


Ogeeg Model 3 art speakers with Napa Acoustic amplification can be seen at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall Booth 20562. Featuring the company’s unique all carbon fiber planar drivers, the Ogeeg Model 3 is a paragon of efficiency, great sound and custom art presentation. CES will be open from January 4th through January 8th in Las Vegas, Nevada.








About VisualArtSpeakers


Founded in 2013, VisualArtSpeakers is pioneering planar driver speakers that bring to the consumer art of their choice with stunningly accurate sound reproduction. The company has pioneered patent pending carbon fiber planar drivers that allow speakers to be re-imagined as art and decor.

The company was founded in Silicon Valley and has offices in San Jose, California.


About Napa Acoustic


Napa Acoustic was formed in 2009 by two gentlemen who were enthusiastically involved with High End Audio. They specialize in simple, elegantly designed and exceptional sounding audio systems that transform your listening experience from ordinary to extraordinary affordably. Napa Acoustic has headquarters in Fremont, California.