A short story from our time at Westfield Valley Fair


Earlier this year in January, we were having a normal day at our Westfield Valley Fair store. I had started working mid day and just arrived to relieve Derrick from his morning shift. I sat down and put on Bach’s Die Solokonzerte. This day was definitely a slow one. It was in the middle of the week and the holiday season had just ended. Everyone was back to their daily grind, instead of passing the day by aimlessly browsing through the isles of the mall. About an hour had passed and no one had stopped by to talk.

As I was sitting there searching for the next song to play, a curious faced older gentleman stopped by. He was decked out in head to toe black, complete with a black pinstriped fedora, a fitted velvet blazer with a turtle neck underneath, a gold pin neatly placed on the collar, and an elegant pair of gold embroidered velvet loafers. His name was Atman and he exuded confidence and class.

As he approached our booth closer, his face looked pleased and at peace. He looked at the speakers for a bit, admired the pictures and listened to the music with a great deal of attention. Soon after, he quietly asked where the music was coming from. I showed him and he was truly amazed. Atman then went on to tell me about how he is a musician from San Francisco. He played all sorts of stringed instruments, drums, and horns. I asked him what he thought of the product and with a twinkle in his eye and a smile spread wide across his face, Atman simply touched his heart and said it sounded beautiful. He was enjoying the music so much we brought out a chair and played some of our best violin selections for him. He proceeded to request a few classical pieces from his own list of favorites. We sat, listened, and chatted for around 45 minutes. He suggested that we bring this product to San Francisco; he wanted to set up a demo for all his musician friends. He left only because he had come to the mall for a specific reason and hadn’t realized how much time had passed. As Atman was on his way out, he commented, “You’ve truly got something amazing here”, shook our hands and left his contact information to ensure we kept in touch.